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Sexy Putin Storms Into the Pop Charts
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Nov 1, 9:56 am ET

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Few ex-KGB spies have been immortalized. But Russian President Vladimir Putin, already sure of his place in history, is fast becoming a pop icon -- thanks to a racy all-girl band.

"And now I want a man like Putin," croons a saucy female voice on Russian radio.

Her sticky pop tune -- called "A Man Like Putin" -- can be heard blasting from Moscow's shops and cars. It suggests a remarkable high point in the president's career -- the country's top bureaucrat might soon turn into its chief sex symbol.

In the song, the lead singer of the band Singing Together is fed up with Russia's violent and vodka-guzzling men and chirps about the usually stern-looking president:

"And now I want a man like Putin who doesn't drink. A man like Putin who wouldn't hurt me..."

Putin, also celebrated in books and T-shirts, has enjoyed spectacular popularity since becoming president in 2000 for his tough approach to restoring law and order after a decade of political and economic turmoil.

Putin is married and the father of two daughters.

His image got a fresh boost with his forceful handling of a Moscow hostage crisis despite the deaths of 119 hostages in the raid by security forces that ended the drama.

Below is the full text of the song:

My boyfriend is in trouble again,

He got into a fight and got stoned on something,

I am sick of him and so I told him, get out of here,

And now I want a man like Putin.

A man like Putin, full of energy,

A man like Putin who doesn't drink,

A man like Putin who wouldn't hurt me,

A man like Putin who wouldn't run away from me.

I saw him in the news yesterday,

He was saying the world was at the crossroads,

It's easy with a man like him at home or out and about,

And now I want a man like Putin.

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