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Domestic Violence TV Show Leads to Shooting
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Mar 9, 11:31 am ET

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - An Oklahoma woman shot her husband to death during a fight after the couple watched a daytime TV talk show on how to survive domestic violence, officials say.

Teri Lynn Carver, 35 is not facing charges for gunning down her husband Cecil, 38, at their home in the northeastern Oklahoma town of Rose because evidence at the scene suggested the death was an accident, District Attorney Gene Haynes said Monday.

Police and prosecutors said the couple was in bed on Feb. 24 smoking marijuana and watching a Montel Williams TV talk show on surviving a lover's attack. Teri told her husband that his actions resembled those of abusive husbands featured on the show, which caused Cecil to turn violent.

Cecil then struck his wife, fetched a handgun and fired a shot into the bed's headboard near Teri to show that he did not like his wife calling him a violent partner, police said, citing a statement the wife gave to investigators.

Teri then called for help and when her husband tried to wrestle the phone away from her, she reached for the gun. Teri shot her husband in the arm and the bullet entered his chest, killing him, police said.

Evidence at the scene and reports from neighbors seem to support Teri's statement, police said.

"The TV show gave them a reason to fight, but in a situation of domestic violence, they really don't need an excuse," said Lt. Pat Knowles, a police detective for Mayes County.

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