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Election Law Robs TV Soap of Biggest Star
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Feb 20, 8:28 am ET

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece's soap fans were mourning the loss of their top star on Friday, after grumpy police constable Theocharis was forced to quit by a controversial law curbing television appearances by election candidates.

Giorgos Vassiliou, who has been playing the bad-tempered policeman on "Good Morning Life" for almost a decade, is running for parliament in the March 7 general election, and the law allows candidates only one appearance each on national TV in the month before the polls.

The rule was intended to curb a flood of TV appearances by hundreds of members of parliament who threatened to swamp news, entertainment and even children's programs, and has been stretched to include television feature films and drama.

Actor Takis Vamvakidis has had to withdraw his Communist Party election candidacy after appearing in a television series more than once in the pre-election month.

Several former actors running for office have asked TV stations not to broadcast films they star in, dating as far back as the 1960s, to avoid being banned from the polls.

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