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Making Dreams to Order
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Making Dreams to OrderJan 14, 10:35 am ET

TOKYO (Reuters) - The Japanese company that came up with the hit "BowLingual" device that translates dogs' barks into human words has now come up with a dream product -- literally.

Takara Co Ltd says its Yumemi Kobo, or "dream workshop," gadget gives stressed out people a chance to go on a holiday or find their ideal partner -- at least in their dreams.

Before nodding off, the would-be dreamer is supposed to look at a photo of what he or she wants to dream about and then record the story-line on the $140 machine.

Using the voice recording as well as lights, music and aromas, the machine stimulates sleepers during periods of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and helps them direct their own dreams, the company says.

After eight hours, it wakes them up gradually with music and lights that simulate sunlight, avoiding any shock that could destroy fragile memories.

The manufacturers caution, though, that not all users of the gadget achieve exactly the dreams they hope for.

"We are still experimenting, mainly with company employees," Kenji Hattori, a Takara marketing executive, told reporters on Wednesday.

"Some said the theme was right, but the story-line was wrong. Some said the noise woke them up. But it has worked for quite a number of people," he said.

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